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Full Version: Config A Web Server
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Hi all,
I hope this question hasent been poised before...
I am running a Mandrake 10.1 webserver (On a K6-450 if it makes any difference...) and it was running just fine for quite some time. When I installed Linux, I just enabled all the web apps and just put some files in the proper dir and BOOM, a web page was born! (That's how easy it was) I had some help with some of my linux friends, but this is a little more than them.
Now, I did an update to my pages and all of a sudden my pages were displaying HTML code instead of the web page itself in Firefox/Netscape. Now this could be a Linux thing or a DNS thing, but I can't tell. My friend who runs Netscape cannot see it either. In IE it was and still is working just fine for both of us.
I have been using pure Dreamweaver 4.0 for my development of the HTML pages. I have a small java script counter on it as well... but like I said, It was working fine before.
Also when I do go to my page in Firefox, a small icon appears in the URL box. It's a ADVX (with the AD above the VX) and I do believe it is some kind of Apache server thing but I am not sure.
As you can prob tell, I'm just beginning to learn Linux but know a little about it. Any help would be great. Thanks
Scott M
In order to see if this is a problem with your web sever, or your pages (and/or the program that makes them), please try this:

Create a file called "test.html" in your htdocs folder (or whatever your document root is called)

This is a test HTML page

Please come back and tell us what your site shows, when it tries to display this page.

Also, I do not understand this line, can you please explain it?
My friend who runs Netscape cannot see it either. In IE it was and still is working just fine for both of us.
Alright, I added that and it displayed the page correctly so any new pages not assoiated with the orginal pages will be fine but
even when I try to go to a sub-page directly (not the index.html) I get the same html code instead of the web page. Another thing is when I put the IP of my web server in, it displays the page correctly. So "" does NOT display it correctly and "http:\###.###.###.###" WILL display the page correctly in Firefox and Netscape...

My friend who runs Netscape cannot see it either. In IE it was and still is working just fine for both of us.

means that a friend of mine that uses Netscape browser cannot not see it (I do not have netscape currently installed) and that my web page can be viewed in IE by both of us (me locally and him remotly).

So what is my next step?
Any help would be Great! Thanks
Scott M
Sounds like a problem with Dreamweaver. Do you have the latest version? Is it possible you made a mistake in your template(s)?

Try opening one of these HTML pages with the problem with mozilla/netscape/IE (not through your web server, just locally by opening them with your web browser directly).

Do you still have this problem?
When I open the webpage in firefox (where I develop it) it opens fine. When I open it on the web server locally, it's fine. When I put in from the web server it's fine there too... I have no idea. I might just as well as redo the whole web page, just copy the content and see if that works.
If you have any other suggestins, they would be great!
Scott M
Sounds like your mime types are screwed up. IE doesnt really care what kind of file the server hands it out as (it looks at the file extension, or assumes its HTML) whereas other browsers decide if it is text, html, video, image etc. based on the "Content-Type:" header given by teh server. Best thing to do would be to install a program that lets you see the raw HTTP conversation and post it up. There is an extension to do that for Firefox.

Make sure that there is a line like this in your httpd.conf

LoadModule mime_module modules/

Then please make sure that your "mime.types" file has this line in it:

text/html                      html htm
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