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Full Version: Mini Wlan - Chipset/drivers
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Hi there.

I'm new to linux, so bare with me ;p

I'm running Fedora Core 4 on my Laptop and need to find out what chipset my wireless lan card is, so that I can go and download the correct drivers for it.

I'm wondering if there is some way I can find out what chipset the card is using, as the modprobe & looking at the hardware browser isn't helping tongue.gif

Cheers for any help :]

By card, do you mean 'PCMCIA card'? If so, please remove it and give us the brand, model number, etc.?

It's hard for us to tell you something with no information. wink.gif You can probaly find the chipset yourself, but going to the website of the card maker, and looking at the linux driver they provide (chances are they will provide one, even if it's old, and it will be for the chipset, not the card itself). This should be an easy way to find out what chipset it uses.
Unfortunately it's not a PCMCIA card, it's actually built into the laptop.

I've managed to locate it in the hardware browser as "Acer (??) WarpLink 802.11b Adapter" Just wondering, is there any way of definitely telling what the device is, as the (??) suggests it's just a guess.
It's listed under System Devices, which is a little strange. I'd expect it to come under Network Devices.

Had a quick look for drivers and the only ones I can find are for windows :[
Tried to have a go at using "ndiswrapper", but it's a little too much for me at this stage ;p

And finally, is there any way of getting the laptop to boot from a CD once linux is installed? I have the boot order as 1.CD Rom 2.HDD 3. Removable Drive, yet it's bypassing the CD Rom and booting straight into Fedora.

Thanks :]
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