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Full Version: Campus Network Banned Linux
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Hi all.

Alright, I've been a user of Linux for about 1 year and a half now and, of course, will never go back to Windows.

A few weeks ago my desktop lost internet access. I was running Ubuntu. DHCP would gain an IP address, but the DNS servers would not respond to my requests (not even ping) and all of my web page requests would time out. Granted the IP address given to me was a 192.0.0.* address, and so I know it wasn't a real address.

I replaced network cards: same problem.

I tried other flavors, debian and non-debian based alike: same problem.

A week later my laptop lost internet access while running Kubuntu: exactly the same problems. This time I installed an old copy of Windows 2000 on the laptop, and once again gained internet access.

Aha! It's on their end I thought. Well I called them and they "don't support linux" and "pretend like we don't even exist".

Yesterday I got a new Dell laptop and put Fedora Core 4 on it: same problem, DCHP completes fine in the bootup process, just no internet access (requests time out).

I am now trying PC-BSD, but don't believe it will work.

I need help! Anyone know what's behind this? Cisco has everyone firewalled behind this program called Perfigo, which is designed to keep Windows computers "up-to-date". I suspect that some Cisco bureaucrat has flipped a switch and essentially banned linux.

Please help me find a way around them.


Holy Smokes! PC-BSD works! It's online.

What makes it different?
I find it hard to believe that they 'banned linux'. Not supporting it is something entirely diffrent. wink.gif

The only possibilities that I can see are:

* A problem with resolv/DNS
* Problem with your school's internet (atleast in that area of the building)

but the DNS servers would not respond to my requests

That's revealing. Did you ever try flushing DNS, and/or clearing resolv.conf?

Did you try a clean install when you installed debian (and the other various distros)? Or were they already installed on your computer. If they were already installed, that would explain it.

If not, perhaps just a problem with your campus's DNS name servers.

It's been some time, try again with a live distro (ubuntu, knoppix, whatever). Does it work?
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