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Full Version: Unmonitored Boot Issues
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Hi All,
I have a Linux RH9 system that must be able to boot fully unmonitored (i.e. no human interaction). The problem occurs on an unclean shutdown. When the system reboots, if forces a file system check, which then fails, and asks for root password or ctrl-D. I can't see why it fails. The last few lines of the boot sequence are:

Inode 162966, i_blocks is 64, should be 8. FIXED.
Inode 194565, i_blocks is 64, should be 8. FIXED.
/: ***** REBOOT LINUX *****
/: 88766/256512 files (0.1% non-contiguous), 185962/512071 blocks

*** An error occured during the filesystem check.
*** Dropping you to a shell; the system will reboot
*** when you leave the shell.
Give root password for maintenance
(or type Control-D to continue):

I won't have a keyboard attached, and so can't type root password or Control-D. Is there any way to prevent the prompt, or find out why the filesystem check failed?

There appears to be a problem with your fileysstem,, you should really get a keyboard attached and go through an fsck before doing anything else with that computer. once you get the filesystem fixed, you can disconnect the keyboard again.
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