OK, since rebooting the servers (see my last post re. NFS), Samba seems to have broken itself as well!

When someone tries to log on on the Windows workstation, the error is "cannot create \\server1\username\profile.pds".

Last time this happened, the solution was simple: nmbd didn't come back up after rebooting. Start nmbd manually, and everything was fine.

This time, nmbd is running. Trying '\\server1' on the Windows PC gives "network name not found" - this is obviously the root of the problem. However, it gets more interesting. Running nbtstat -A on the Win machine shows the name table, with
SERVER1  <00>  UNIQUE  Registered
at the top. Having done that, Windows obviously caches the name, as I can then browse to '\\server1' and get prompted for a username and password. I enter my login details for that server, and great, it works!

Log off... cache removed... and the server is invisible again. It still works by IP address ('\\') and in desperation I would just change the PC's logon server to be instead of server1, only I don't know the Administrator password for the Windows PCs and the person who does is on 3 weeks vacation (he left yesterday mad.gif)

I am beginning to think Linus has a conspiracy against me...

Edit: Multiple escaped \ characters corrected. Twice. Even the forum hates me!