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Full Version: Ethernet Adapter
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Hello, I am a windows user trying to cross over to Redhat. I've successfully installed Redhat and am able to run it dual-boot, but cannot connect to the internet because I'm having trouble configuring the adapter in Linux. The ethernet is intergrated into the motherboard, and according to the windows driver list, it's a broadcom. What I need to know is, is there a way to configure that onboard nic to work in linux, or will I need to buy a Pci one that is Linux friendly?
Need more information.
What is the make / model of your PC motherboard or manufacture?
What is the ouput of the console command:

Does window list a model number?
broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated controller is what windows lists it as.
the computer is a dell 2400, so that's why I'm doubting I can use the integrated one.
i'm not in the shell, I'm in one of the guis, I think kde, and upon trying to add the device, it's not listed. And that's what I'm worried about, I don't want one I buy to be unlisted also.
This might work:

Even if you are running a GUI you can still run console commands. On the task bar there should be an icon that looks like a monitor. This will start a x terminal window where you can enter console commands.
I had problems with my server with my onboard realtech. For some reasons onboard NIC's can be a pain. Every time I booted, my nic wouldn't gain an IP from dhcp on my router. I would have to type ifconfig eth0 up for it to work and give it an ip myself and even then it was a pain. I'm using my offboard now perfect for the net. But the onboard does work with a static ip to communicate with my backup server. Weird. Anyway, when you boot try typing ifconfig in a terminal see if it shows any other nics besides the loopback.
alrighty, here's what's up. I'm following the directions in the readme, and when i use the rpm command: rpm -ivh <path> the terminal returns something to the tune of cannot create sourcedir: /usr/src/REDHAT/sources. I tried in the file browser to manually create the two folders, usr and src are already there, but the file browser will not allow me to create them.
any solutions?
I am having EXACTLY the same problem, i follow the readme instructions and get :
error: cannot create %sourcedir /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
someone please please help atm if i want to put anything on my laptop i have to burn it to a cd, i cant sort out the audio and display drivers till this is sorted sad.gif
I'm bumping this thread. The user above me has the proper error message. Any fix?
You MUST be logged in as the root user. If it still cant create directories, then something else is broken. To get root privileges from a normaly console, just type "su -" and enter your root password.

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