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Hi..... I have 3 PC's networked, A, B and C class, W2K, gw, W2K gw & NT4.0, W95 & Linux 5.1, gw, and have had to re-install Linux, have got IP Forwarding 'On', but cannot talk to W2K boxes, when I use NT4.0 or W98, is OK, can u please help? :-) ...... it was working all Ok prior to re-installing! many thanks.
Here's a suggestion: Don't put all info on one line.

You'd be surprised how spacing and new paragraphs can help the readablity of a post.

From what I understand, you want to talk to your W2K box. What I do not understand is how you are trying to 'talk' to them. Samba?

Please post some more information, if possible
Thanks for your comment........ No, i'm not using Samba, in actual fact, at this precise moment, i'm trying to learn more about TCP/IP, and networking in general, and with Linux 5.1 as a gateway, i can observe packets in real time when the two W2K machines talk, using 'tcpdump'.

If i execute the command:

route add -net netmask dev eth0


route add -net netmask dev eth0

.... then all three machines can talk .... but after a re-boot, I have execute the 'route add' command again! ....... I had all machines talking before I had to re-install Linux, ( gw ...... any other advice would be helpful...... thanks :-)
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