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Full Version: Ftp Problem
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I have a Linux machine (RedHat 7.0 Server type installation) connected to a Windows machine (Windows 98SE) using tcp via a cross-over cable. I can ping both machines successfully, and telnet and SSH secure shell the Linux machine successfully.

However, I have a problem with FTP. FTP was installed during the installation, but when I try to ftp using WS_ftp I get the following messages:

connecting to
connected to

then there is a long delay followed by the following message:

! Receive error: Blocking called cancelled
! Connection failed

How do I check if FTP is in fact running on the Linux machine, and if it is. is it necessary to configure it in some way.

Would appreciate some help with this problem.

I know this wont help you, but how did you get SSH running? I have Redhat linux 8 and I didnt install the package(I did durring the installation but dont you have to do it again or something).. Im stuck. help!!
ssh to your linux box and the try to ftp to it locally
by typing

ftp localhost

see how fast it should being it is a local ftp connection

another thing you should look at is
if your ftp client is trying to connect
in passive mode....if it is.
change it to active mode

see if that makes a difference

I ssh'ed to my Linux box, and did a ftp LocalHost, and after a very long delay it did respond with:

220 Linux-server FTP server (version wu-2.6.1(1)) Ready.

So it does work with ftp localhost, after a very long delay. I also tried it with ftp (the ip address I assigned), and again it did work after a very long delay.

I also tried to Telnet to port 21 from my Windows98 machine, and much to my amazement it responded with:

220 Linux-server FTP server (version wu-2.6.1(1)) Ready.

I suppose all this should be telling me something- but I am not sure what ?
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