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Full Version: Xmanager Can Import Linux Desktop
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I am a little bit new in Linux, if dun say completely new.... currently I encountered some problem in Linux network.

I used Xmanager 2.0 to do the desktop log in from windows, for unix machine, no problem, but for Linux (I have 3, Red hat 9, RHE3 and RHE4.), I can not open the desktop. what necessary setting should I do? I can only get a terminal out and can run programmes there. but it will be best if i can see the desktop.

Please help me on this issue. Btw, for a newbie like me, how should I start to learn? read books? if so any recommendatioins?

Try running "startx"

where should I try this? Is it a Linux command or Xmanager application? In xmanager I only found a xstart application.
Under XManager in your Start Menu, choose Xbrowser, and then select your linux computer from the list. If your linux computer does not show up, it means that either X is not running on the linux computer, or your login manager is not configured to accept Xdcmp connections.

Ensure that X is running on the server, and check the config files for your login manager whatever it is. On most distributions, it is disabled by default. If you're using GDM, then you can use the gdm-config program to turn on Xdcmp, for kdm you'll have to manually edit the config file.
Also make sure you check /etc/ssh/sshd_config to see if " X11Forwarding yes" is set.

X seems is running in Linux, i tpyed startx it shows:
Fatal error. X is already active to display 0

Checked /etc/ssh/sshd_config and "X11Forwarding yes" is set.

However, still can not see graphic desktop. Xmanager pop out a window "Xrcmd" saying "Failed to find a window with the class name of Xmanager2."
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