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Full Version: Help My /usr Is Now /rsu
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I'm starting work with Linus on the new Kernel. Code name normal people have lives. now the problem is we ran into a C command. The kernel is being built of watcom basic. and only containing goto's.
the command we use is

if dd: // grep 1 = //|pep x1x1x :::'hellow" me // dd . 3

the problem is now we can't turn the kernel off. It's always on. My idea is to use grep to 1 x and 3. but when I grep 4 it comes 1 f 3 not 4 h 3. So my question is if I grep the C command in backwards will it make the power kill of grep 1 over 3 over 1 x 3 or 2. Ya so now my /usr directory is /rsu. Please help

Thank Linus

Docmur I think this is a good project and I want in. Now your problem. It's simple. just export the 1 / 2 cc : .. dd over 1 fuck you 33 ff : / hi.
That will fix the C command. Now the grep problem. okay if grep 1 f 3 is not 4 k 4 k4 j3 then just export grep past the bash fixer in to the /etc command base and then link the kernel into the goto 1 state past the bash outlink and then use grep to put the kernel into base X. now okay for the real work. Now grep will read 1 f 3 and 4 hg 3 not bash 1 grep 3 okay well ya email me states.

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