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Full Version: Partitioning Erases Everything?
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yes, i know this is a noob question, but im installing linux, and i have to partition the drive. does this mean that everything gets erased. also, if i quit installation, how badly damaged will my system become?
When you re-partition a drive, the information on it doesn't get erased immediatly, it only gets erased when you write a new filesystem to the drive, weather that be Fat, NTFS, reiserfs or ext. If you started an installation of linux and re-partitioned your drive, the install probably installed a new filesystem right after that. If not, you may be able to re-partition your drive back to what it used to be and the information might still be on it, but this is no gaurentee.

And this is not really a noob question, i'm sure a lot of people have wondered this. There have been times that i've re-partitioned and the information remained intact. But, as i said, the linux install probably placed a new filesystem on the drive right after you re-partitioned, so your data may be gone.
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