Due to resource constraints I have installed Samba on my DMZ with my apache server, runnung SuSe 8.1 Linux & SuSE FireWall2. I need access to it, for printing and file sharing, from windows machines on the trusted internal net.

How can I do this?

Machine 1 -- Firewall (Running dns, dhcp, postfix(local delivery), SuSE
firewall2 & Print services(local only))

eth0 --> internet
eth1 --> Machine 2 - DMZ
eth2 --> Switch - Internal (trusted)

Machine 2 -- Web Server (Running Apache & Samba - as Litus SmartSuite server &
File Sharing for Local Workgroup)

Switch 1 -- Has 3 WinXp machines connected to it.

How can I set up my firewall to be able to use Samba in this way?