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Full Version: Ethernet Mumbo Jumbo
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Hi friends,

I am somewhat ashamed, sindce i am working with Linux sindce 1998 and i never had a serous problem before.

But now i have a cable broadband internet connection and a dozen of machines in my home, so it is very logical i want to use NAT, to access internet services from all my machines. However, what ever Distro i install, Linux can't use two ethernet adapters at the same time.

On Machine Iarga i run Redhat Linux 8.0 (Psyche) and it supports my SMC Ethernet 2 USB (eth0) adapter without any problems, as long as i disable eth1 (A RTL 100 MBit PCI Fast Ethernet Adapeter). As soon as i enable eth1 or change the hostname to anything else but localhost.locadomain, my internet connection fails.

On Machine Androme i run Novell SuSE Linux 9.2 Professional, and this recognises both ethernet adapters, but fails to fire them up both!

Don't you get me wrong, i read loads of Linux documentation (manpages, info, LDP and a few magazines), ik am shure this should work!

Unfortuantly i realy don't get what is going wrong and what i could do to fix it.

I hope someone can help me out here...

Love, Marti
Maastricht, the Netherlands
Sorry for posting this stoopid message, that was nothing but a matter of inpatinece wink.gif

The "problem" was solved two hours afther i posted this nosence.


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