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Full Version: Wanting To Switch Distro's
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So ya here's my problem.

Currently I run Ubuntu 5.04 and it's pretty good. I like the APT. However it does not come with enough flex for me. I want to change Distro's so I have taken the top 5 I want to pick from and would like some input on the Adv and Dis of each thanks guys.

Suse - I have used Suse before but I had alot of problems with headers
Debian - I have heard good think that it beets Ubuntu
Mandrake - Hear it's easy to use
FreeBSD - Just hear it good
Linspire - Does it have good Win32 support.

Thanks for helping. What I mostly looking for is 1/2 on Development and 1/2 on Desktop - workspace. So out of my pick which on would be the best all around thanks

Oh Gentoo is out of the question. I can never ever get it to work !!!! I've tried to much so ya no Gentoo
FreeBSD isnt a linux distribution - It is a version of BSD which is a unix-based operating system. It is similar, but different.

Linspire is awful - Don't touch it with a barge pole.

Out of the list, I would say Mandrake (since that is what I use the most, and the one that I personally think is the nicest to use). But Debian and Suse are both popular distributions, and you shouldnt have any major problems with any of them.

As for Gentoo, if you follow the install guides, then a trained monkey could get it installed. It is tedious to install though, and does require that you have a fairly good grip of the command-line (once the install is done).

Ya I've used Suse before but ran into many problems when I had to install anything that need Glib C. No matter what I tried I could not get it to install also I could never get Idesk to work ever so that was another problem I mean I would go back if some one could help me with those but as of now no one has. So ya. When I say Idesk didn't work I mean that it would install using

make install

but after that nothing would happen even the whereis Idesk command poped up nothing so ya??
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