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Full Version: Openssh On Mandrake 10.0
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i am 'attempting' to install and configure OpenSSH on my mandrake machine, so i can control it remotely through Putty.
I have installed the RPM's of

and i can use the ssh command in terminal, but i dont know how to set it up to accept remote connections?
something about a hosts.allow and hosts.deny file?
how do i use these files?


EITHER use hosts.allow or hosts.deny

Its more secure to use hosts.allow, and if you know the IP of your client PC then use it. Just put the IP address of the machine you want to connect from into it.

Otherewise, you could use hosts.deny and just put addresses into it that want to deny. (Or leave it blank)

Just remember to delete or rename the other one.

i have added
into my hosts.allow file

i want to be able to access my server from any location on the internet, so i think this is the only way to do it.

how do i make a password for openSSH?
i can connect to it now, and it asks for login: and password:
and its not my root password..

any ideas?
Have you tried a regular user? I would assume that root login would be disabled by default for security reasons. Once logged in you can use su for root access.

Look in the sshd config file for the setting permitrootlogin. You can change it from no to yes but as I mentioned before it is a bad idea.
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