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Full Version: Newbie Needs Help Connecting To Internet
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Hello. I am new to linux. I cannot seem to connect to the internet. I have mandriva le 2005. I have a winmodem. Smartlink SmartPCI562 56k modem (revlo)

I tried to connect using kppp but screen would freeze on 'initialising modem'.

I then got wvdial-1.54.0-3mdk.i586.rpm Tried to install it using command line after reading instructions but with no success. Keep getting 'error no such command' or something like that.

Then I read that I needed a driver for my modem. I downloaded one form here

Got it on my linux box but after reading the 'readme' I still am clueless on how to install the driver.

Anyway after failing to get the command line to work, (my fault I don't have any exp with cli) I clicked on the wvdial-1.54.0-3mdk.i586.rpm icon. It was in a folder I named 'cdstuff' After clicking install i got an error message.
It read 'some package requested can not be installed wvdial-1.54.0-3mdk.i586 (due to unsatisfied continue?)

I clicked continue and it said package installed. However I do not know whever it is installed or not and if it is how to run it. Again no luck with command lines I got off google.

Now I go to google and download wvstreams-3.74-61.i586.rpm
I have it on a cd and am going to put it on my linux box. However regarding previous problems I've had I am thinking I will have problem with this as well so is their any trick to installing it?

Would anyone out there be able to help me with this?
Thanks for your time
cagey cretin
This may show you what you have installed via rpm with a name that contains the string 'wvdial':

rpm -qa | grep wvdial
Cheers. I have got wvdial installed. Did a google for wvstreams-3.74-61.i586.rpm and tranferred it to my linux box with a cd-rw. Clicked on the icon and it installed. Then clicked on the wvdial icon and this time it installed properly. Then went to konsole/command line. Typed 'wvdial' and pressed enter. Loads up but won't detect my linmodem/winmodem.
Thanks for your time and help.
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