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Full Version: Newbie W/ New Install - Help!
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I'm new to Linux. I want install Linux so I can learn it. I just installed Red Hat Linux 6.2 on a Toshiba P2-233 laptop (no DOS or Windows partitions). The install (full) went through fine and completed without a hitch, however, when I reboot after the install, (during the hardware check?? "..OK" list) it hangs on "checking pcmcia".
I re-installed Linux 6.2 again (w/ re-formatting) with the same result - the install completed fine, but the bootup hangs on "checking pcmcia".

The laptop had Win98 on it previously and worked fine. The laptop (to my knowledge) doesn't have a PCMCIA card.


Donre sad.gif
Does the laptop have a PCMCIA slot? Since 6.2 is extermely old it probably does not have the PCMCIA support of a newer distribution. I would try slackware.
Thanks for the resonse.
I guess I have a 2-fold response --

1. Is Linux 6.2 really THAT old?? I just bought it last fall ($24.95). I thought Linux was supposed to be free.
I did see a reference somewhere a few days ago to Linux 9.0 - I was shocked. What is the current version... and how old is 6.2?

2. The laptop does not have a PCMCIA slot. It seems like the boot up requires it. Is there a way around it?....

I'll add one more comment / question?
I just glanced over this website's (Linux Help Forums) section on Distributions - and realize there any distributors of Linux.
Which one you (or someone?) suggest to put on a P2-233 Laptop - to learn some about Linux. (and NOT require PCMCIA).

All of the recent versions of linux are able to detect hardware and install the approiate software. Slackware is a good distribution that runs well on older hardware.
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