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Full Version: Duel Booting
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can any one please help as i have tried everthing i know
I have slackware installed on my first hard drive ( 8 gig ) and i have win98 installed on my second hard drive (4 gig ) .. i installed lilo as boot manager but for some reason i cant get win98 to boot . the screen just says loading windows but does nothing.. is there any thing i can do to make this happen... would muchly appreciate any suguestions
Windows 98 needs some files in the first partition of the first hard drive or it won't boot. You'll probably need to switch the drives and re-install if you want Windows on the smaller drive. You should install Windows first, then Linux. Windows wants the hardware all to itself, and will overwrite the MBR (master boot record) on the hard drive which will wipe out LILO if it is there. Linux, on the other hand, will recognize that Windows is installed, and should configure LILO to allow you to boot to Windows.
ok, seeming slackwares my love distro *cuddles it* Ill give my 2 cents.

In the case that you put linux on first, installed lilo then windows. Your now stuck in a situation where only windows boots, or trys to.. . anyway to fix this pop in your first Slackware cd. at the boot prompt type
bare.i root=/dev/hda2 noinitrd ro (hda2 being the partition linux is installed on, could be different. booting
normally then running cfdisk will tell you whan partition has linux.)
Once your in. you can start X and if you have KDE you can open the control center
and select the Boot Loader config for lilo under administration. then reprobe your operating systems and set hda as the place you want to save lilo (hda is the master boot record of the first drive ) and click accept.
if your in a shell. just type lilo by itself to proble for OS's and lilo -M /dev/hda to install to the MBR.
WALA you should now be able to see the lilo prompt on boot and select windows to start 9x.

I do recommend, in case 9x is iffy on where its installed, that you put it on the first partiton. But I havent had any trouble with that problem myself. Also when your setting up partitions I recommend using cfdisk to set up all your partitons first. dont forget to make the primary one active also and make a swap partiton 2x the size of your ram.
need any more help let me know
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