I just recently got a Microsoft Wireless Desktop 1000, and it works fine under MS, but in Linux (both Debian and Ubuntu), I've had problems with it sporadically clicking and sending junk input to the mouse driver. Cases in point:

1. In KDE it will bring up the menu that is brought up by clicking the scroll wheel whenever the mouse is moved.
2. In Firefox 1.0.2 it randomly enters whatever is on the clipboard into text areas.
3. Again in Firefox it will open a link, and open the same page in another tab

I've googled the problem and haven't found much. Most of the stuff I seem to find assumes that the mouse isn't working, period. My mouse moves all over and normally functions, except for the wierd clicks.

As for the setup of the desktop, I have a keyboard and mouse connecting to the computer through the receiver that has only one usb plug on it (most of the pages I found also assumed that the receiver had a usb plug and a PS/2 plug for the Keyboard). The linux I am currently running is Ubuntu 5.04 with the 2.6.10 kernel. The modules that the mouse is using are usbhid, and mousedev. I'm not sure if this is a faulty mouse, a buggy driver, or what.