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Full Version: /dev/dsp, One Sound At A Time?
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I have a problem, With slackware 10.1 any sound programs can only use the sound card at a time. So i cant multitask sounds. so if im listening to xmms , gaims sounds wont work, or flash or anything. Is there anyway I can set it up so, lets say, so that one software type server program runs the sound card and alows everything to play, I mean if cedega works with gaming with all my sounds. My desktop environment should be able to. anyway, any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
You must have an older soundcard because newer soundcards do hardware mixing which allows multiple applications to access the sound device at once.

For older cards, you can use sound managers to do this. The most used sound mnagers are aRts (for KDE) and esound. Check these out.
Its a fairly new Asus Cobra 5.1 channel card. It picks up and works fine. But if im playing something and open up another aplication i get a /dev/dsp already in use and have to wait a bit after i close the aplication that using it to us it. I think i need to set something up with alsa. but im clueless here when it comes to linux audio.
I tihnk, if you are using XMMSW, you can select a an alternative output plugin. If you're using KDE, then select ARTs and all "native" KDE apps should be able to share the soundcard with it.

As far as I can see, there is no setting to do something similar in GAIM. There is a program in Mandrake called "soundwrapper" which can be used to driect all sound from an appplication to arts or esd, there might be something similar available for slackware.

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