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Full Version: Saving Fluxbox Configurations
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I need some help one saving my Fluxbox configurations so they start back up when I start fluxbox. The two main things I need are 1. For the background to stay and 2. For the idesk theme to stay. I want it so that every time I load up linux and go into fluxbox I'm greated with my background and the costume idesk config thanks.
I can help you out here.
in your home dir open ./fluxbox and edit startup
before the end of the file where the custom launched apps are, add
bsetbg -c /root/slackware_darkeye1.png ( use your own image tongue.gif )
the -c is for centered, bsetbg --help shows all your options.
Its also good to add custom apps, just make sure there is a & after it or thats where the scripts going to stop.
I myself use the following
kmix, Torsmo, fbdesk, wmnd, and a transparent, borderless aterm on loading
It makes for one nice, clean, informative desktop, look em up. smile.gif
What is my start uo file. I use GDM to log into fluxbox. I tryed putting this in init in ~/.fluxbox but nothing happens

idesk &
fbsetgb -f think_linux.jpg

I also tryed in init to set root command to open but on load I get premission dennided. Any thoughts

Thanks Docmur
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