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help please ...

can anyone tell me how to boot a second hard drive which contains win 98 , my fist hard drive has slackware on it and lilo boots that up but i cant get the second drive to boot with windows on it. I want to be able to boot either.. first hard drive is 8 gig and the second is 4 gig
You will need to add some lines to the lilo configuration file to map the 2nd drive.
map-drive = 0x83
to = 0x80
map-drive = 0x80
to = 0x83

Here is the drive mapping:
/dev/hda = 0x80 primary/master
/dev/hdb = 0x81 primary/slave
/dev/hdc = 0x82 secondary/master
/dev/hdd = 0x83 secondary/slave

Be sure to rerun lilo for the changes to become effective.
i am having a similar problem. Iinstalled linux as a second OS on my laptop and now i can only boot up my machine in linux which is really annoying. How do i select which os i want to boot in? Please help. Im pretty desperate and not tech savvy.
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