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Hey all, I am having a rough beginning to my linux experience as I have been unable to use the new wireless mouse and keyboard that I have for the system. Both the mouse and the keyboard are made by Dell and I was wondering if there might be compatability issues...I have a compaq keyboard that uses a wire and this works fine on the system. There is no wired mouse though and therefore I have been unable to naviagte successfully on the desktop. There have been several crashes of the computer, it simply freezes and I am fo1rced to reboot manually. One thing that might have conctirbuted to this problem is that when I was setting everything up during installation of Linux I selected 'no mouse' because at the time I really didn't have one.

If there is a way I can change that setting so I could use a mouse that would be great. I'm pretty sure this is a simple problem that can be fixed pretty quickly if I get some answers. In the mean time I will leave the machine alone, I do not want to mess it up any more than it already is. Thanks everyone, despite these early difficulties I am happy to finally have a computer...again. Can't wiat to have a functional one. biggrin.gif
I am assuming that your mouse is usb. If this is the case, then open up a terminal window (or if you're ini the console, just log in), and execute the following:

cat /dev/input/mice

Then move around your mouse. if you see output ont he screen then its just a matter of adding the mouse to your Xorg config file.

If you don't see any output, then you may need to load up the drivers (modules) for it, but I really don't see this being a problem because most distributions in the last 2 to 3 years will automatically detect your usb devices and autoload the usb drivers for it.

Let us know if you see output fromt he command above.
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