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has to b androstendione
nice idea
should i know the term wiki?
if so
why is it a guide?

maybe im just a dencse as a plank
but i know most people as too intimidated by linux regardless of flavour due to the terminology nevermind the technology, as a windows teckie that includes me also, hell i cant even install jre properly yet, point is this o/s is supposed to be derived from the ideology that its open 2 everyone. terminlogy technology should reflect that by aiding the user to configure / use the system easily. example/: a man buys a pc . never used a pc before. frends says try linux. where does this guy sart?
type in google
free linux games download
what does this guy do?
gets hit with rubbish
my point is forums arnt just for the technically experienced.
your knowledge is all our legacy
share it
or gates will chmp ya ass
b gates

A wiki is just a general term for an online reference tool that anyone can edit.
Yeah, i'm kinda confused by your post as well. I can't tell if you're praising the fact that us here at put so much effort into helping users use linux for day-to-day use, or if you're telling us that we're futile in our efforts.

This could be an interesting subject, I would definitly like to know how we're doing as a help team. Do we meet the needs of all or part of the community, or are we failing at that task? I know that every member of our team are saints for spending as much time as they do helping new users when in essence they get nothing in return. This is the true spirit of linux, helping one another, wether it be with tech support, or submitting patches and bug reports. We have nothing to gain but knowledge, and that's why we're all here.
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