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Full Version: Ok We Submit We Are Dumb Bums
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has to b androstendione
teach us this technology
i really like linux but as a spoon fed windows guy
i know jack about it
and the thought of re training my dos knowledge is worrying
u guys can and should do more to help
subscribe to the gates philosophy
info /support at a price
which defies ideology behind this movement
the last word i have to say on this topic is
I'm not entirely sure what you are getting at. Linux is not a company, we are not an "official" linux forum - We are just one of many forums about Linux. Linux isnt owned by anyone, it is a community effort.

If you want to pay for support, then you can get a commercial boxed distribution like RedHat or Mandrake. Using Linux is different using Windows. Just like mac is different to using windows, and palmOS is different to windows. If you dont want to "re train" then stick with windows.

Also, saying we should do more is a bit naive. Since none of us are paid, and do this voluntarily, there probably isnt much more the we could do. We spend a lot of time answering questions, adding to the wiki and keeping tihngs running smoothly to help people with linux problems, whether they are new users or more experienced users. So, dont saay we can do more, and dont say we should, because we (and I tihnk I speak on behalf of the Suppoirt Specialists, Admins and just general users) do as much as we can to help other users.

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