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Full Version: I Have Boot Problems Please Help Me
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I have Suse and Windows and I did not install the suse on my computer (my friend did). I have two hard drives, my primary one contains windows and my secondary one contains linux (suse). I had used the generic bios operated system selection screne but one day for no apaerent reason the bios screne stopped comeing up when i booted my computer up. Now I can only use windows but i still want to use my suse. I dont know much of the troubleshooting in linux and i am somewhat of a "newb". Can someone PLEASE help me get that screan to appear again so i can use Suse Linux once again. Thankyou
has to b androstendione
try this
unscrew the back of the pc
see the cable from the hard drive unplug them and the power cables
unplug the other end from the mother board
replug everything
hope it works
when the system starts either itll define 2 hard drive or not
if it does not then
either its a m/borad fail or a hard disk fail
or a cable fail
1st check point is the cable from hard drive to m/board
change it
2nd open the pc
listen to the hard drive when u boot it if it makes no sound then its the cable or the m/b
but thisis a new topic
If the bootloader screen doesnt appear, then try putting your suse cd in the cd-drive, and then booting from it. Normally there is an option to restore the bootlader, which should do the trick. I havent used suse though, so it might not be there.

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