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Full Version: Agere Systems Pci Soft Modem
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I need a driver for an Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem. Anybody got one?
I found this

quote from site 'LINUX - Agere does not make a Linux driver available to the public. Agere has made a Linux driver for some Linux distribution packages - the biggest problem appears to be the Free Software Foundation (FSF): a softmodem driver needs to contain proprietary code that would be in hardware (firmware) for a hardware modem. The FSF's license (GPL) requires anyone using any part of Linux code to make all derivative works available for free - Agere is concerned that making a Linux driver available without making the source freely available might result in FSF suing Agere. (FSF has sued a number of companies over such issues.)

However, Olive Essert from Belgium sends feedback to Modemsite indicating that the Linux driver from Smartlink's website (slmodem-2.9.9.tar.gz) works with the Lucent/Agere Scorpio modem that came in a Toshiba notebook. This is possible because the hardware in both Agere's AMR modem and Smartlink's - the silicon DAA - are the same component. (As the softmodem name implies, all modem functions except the physical interface to the computer and phone line are performed outside the modem itself by software running on the PC). And, Gennaro from Italy reports success using the Smartlink Linux driver on Linux Slackware 10.0 (2.4.26) on an Acer Travelmate 740.'

hope this helps.

Agere clearly dont understand the GPL - As long as they dont use parts of the Linux Kernel, GNU or other GPL-protected software in their driver, then they can release it under any license they like.

The FSF have sued some networking companies who use Linux on their routers without releasing it under the GPL, but that is clearly different.


Because Soft Modems are accually Win-Modems and non hardware controlled. Support for them with linux is low. But more developers are making software to control them. I recommend checking out There winmodem driver works with almost all winmodems but It isnt free. You can download the driver and install it. It will work perfect but at a max speed of 14k unless you register. I used to use it with a Diamond SupraMax I used to own before I moved to DSL.
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