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Full Version: Mandrake 10.1 Locks Up!
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My "geek" husband is forcing me to use Mandrake and every so often - a few days - it just randomly locks up - and has to be rebooted....This annoyance was just that, until today, after several minutes of very productive research -of which I saved the graphics but had not yet saved the text - maybe 2 pages of very important stuff - Then the mouse just stops, and everything is hardlocked. I AM SICK OF THIS. I WANT TO KNOW WHY IT DOES THIS AND DON'T TELL ME I SHOULD HAVE SAVED BLAH BLAH BLAH...I hadn't worked for very long and I think 10 -15 minutes between saves should be enough - except for this junk.

I get no explanations from my husband - just grunts and shrugs and bans me from windows. ARGGGGGGGGGGHHHH! ohmy.gif
OK, have you tried pressing ctrl-alt-backspace when it happens? That noramlly kills the GUI, and will give an indication of whether the whole system is freezing or just the UI ("X")

It might also be useful to see the kernel logs just after you recover from such a crash. Press ctrl-alt-F1 to switch to a console-screen and then login as "root" using the system's root password. Once you're in, try running the following command

tail -n 60 /var/log/messages > /home/your_username/kernel_log.txt

Then press ctrl-alt-F7 to switch back the graphical intereface. Once you have done that, just open "kernel_log.txt" (from your home directory) and copy and paste it here.

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