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Full Version: Repairing Lilo When You Cant Boot
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I buggered up my LILO.conf file and can no longer boot.
I do not have a bootable CD ROM so I can not boot the orriginal install media to run the rescue image.

What tool (that will fit on a floppy) can I use to mount my drive so I can edit the .conf file and get the system back to nomal.

Thanks in advance for you help.

The thing about lilo is that not only do you need to edit your lilo.conf file, but you also need to be in your operating environment in order to re-issue the lilo command that re-reads the config file and places it into your mbr.

Without a bootable cd rom, i'm not quite sure what you can do. If you made a bootdisk for your install, then this would obviously be the best choice, but by the sounds of it, you didn't make one. I think you may be up a creek. Perhaps someone else has a suggestion.
Thanks for your reply Cory.
You right I have lost my boot floppy, nect time I will duct tape it to the system sad.gif

The part I buggered up was the amount of RAM (append mem=80)
If I pass the proper amount of ram on the boot prompt will It override what is stored in LILO.conf?


I don't remember lilo that much because i've been using grub for the last couple of years, but i'm pretty sure that anything you specific on the kernel line in lilo will override anything in the config file. Give it a shot, what's the worst that could happen?
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