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Full Version: Ubuntu Problems For A Newbie
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Hi everyone

I'm running Ubuntu 5.04

When I installed the first user I created was root and a password - then it asked me to create another user to do non-administrative activities.

Now I can only login with the non-administrative account. When I try to access programs to modify settings, such as printing, shared folder settings, etc. I get the following error message after it asks me to enter in my password (which I successfully enter in)

"Failed to run network-admin:
Child terminated with 1 status"

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?


When you install Ubuntu, you do not set a root password, nor do you create a root user. The only thing it should ask you for is a regular user and password.

When you go to run a program that requires root access it should ask you for the password, this would be the password of your regular user, not the 'root' password because there should be no root password.
ok thanks Corey that helped i have it running a lot better now
Hey guys, this didn't work for me, and I did actually create a root account...
I used the expert install, and Ubuntu did ask me for a root password. Now when I am personally trying to run Synaptic Package Manager (which i know is just a cover for apt, but I want it to work properly,) I get a
failed to run /usr/sbin/synaptic:
Child terminated with 1 status
and I get that whether I use my normal login password for my user account, or the root password.
On top of that, I just tried ' su ' in a terminal, and I can su into root and run synaptic from there, without any password prompting (other than the original su.) Is there some way I can get this to behave like the standard system? Does this mean sudo is misconfigured?
Thanks all in advance for any assistance you can offer!
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