Hi there everyone. Just wanted to state that I really enjoy all the great information on this forum. I've spent a lot of time reading questions and answers, and I must saym they have helped immensly. Myself, I am a noob to linux, so every little bit helps. smile.gif

Now, for my question/problem. We run a server with RHE3, and host mulitple domains. The problem that we are starting to have is this. When on the box, through ssh, I can ping any one of our clients, and get a responce. If I try to ping lets say linuxhelp.ca, get the error that the host is unknown. This happens with any site that is not hosted by us. Now, I run the server along with a more advanced linux user, who is fantastic. He has told me that his weak area though is dns. I did a little testing, and found out that out the data in our /etc/resolv.conf file states this:

domain ourdomain.net

Ok, obviously, I changed the name as well and the name servers ips. Now, the ips that are listed for nameservers, are our own name server ips that we run with bind. Is this correct? I changed them to more known name servers, and we were able to ping everyone again. So, does the resolv.conf have any impact on bind? What should the name servers be that are listed in this file?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

PS - if anyone has a good tut on setting up bind, would you mind posting a link? smile.gif

thanks everyone.