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Full Version: Nfs Problems
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I've been trying to set up NFS for a while on two machines running Redhat 9. I'd like to be able to have one machine export a specific directory in /home to the other. My export file currently is:


A separate problem is that my firewall won't currently let nfs through, but even with iptables set to accept everything, I get an error when I try to mount this. The command I ran when trying to temporarily mount the file system was:

mount /mnt/Jimmy
and the error I got was:
mount: RPC: Program not registered

I don't have a whole lot of experience with Linux (and especially the networking part of it) and so I was wondering if there was something obvious I was missing here.
ok well I figured out that the problem was with my tcp wrapper (doesn't help much if you take down the firewall but still don't allow any tcp services). So now, with the firewall down, NFS works. But when the firewall comes back up, NFS stops working. I've bound the NFS related ports to 111, 2049, and 4000-4003, but I can't seem to let traffic through properly. Does anyone know what rules I should add to allow traffic through (both my input and output chains are set to drp by default). thanks
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