We have a web server running apache, PHP, mySQL.

I have a my domain www.xxx.com (in directory /var/www/html)
and I have a subdomain develop.xxx.com (in directoy /var/www/develop)

We just purchased a SSL certificate and I am trying to make the necessary changes to use the secure site when making purchases.

The problem is,I am trying to do this in my subdomain before I move it to my live site.

So, I'm on http://develop.xxx.com/shopping_cart.php and I click on a link that is supposed to take me to https://develop.xxx.com/enter_cc_info.php.

The URL address as it appears in Internet explorer say this is where I am but the actual page that is being displayed is from http(s)://www.xxx.com/enter_cc_info.php
(from dir /var/www/html not from dir /var/www/develop)

Is there anyway to make this work. I'm assuming I have to change something in the http.conf file but I'm not sure what.

My hosting company has been of new use on this so hopefully someone here can tell me if this can be done.

Thanks in advance,