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ok so i have redhat and i cant remember the administrator or any other password to it so im locked out of there a default username and password i dont know or is there a special tool that can unlock it?
Security would be useless if there was a default username and password that would give you access to everything. Unfortunatly there is no way to get into the system with the correct passwords, that's what security is for.

Btw, is there any particular reason why you don't remember any passwords?
If you need to rescue data before you reinstall, then you might be able to get it by booting "failsafe" (which a lot of distros provide). Sometimes it wont ask for a password. If you have seperate /home partition etc, then it shouldnt matter.

Wolfmans Brother
Yes it can be done, but it's not supposed to be easy...

1. Boot the system off a self-contained linux-on-a-CD distro (such as repairlix or the redhat install CD's rescue mode [if it has one])
2. Mount the hard drives manually, so that /mnt contain the HD root, /mnt/usr contains the HD /usr (etc)
3. Chroot to /mnt ( chroot /mnt /bin/sh)
4. Change the root password using "passwd"
5. Exit from chroot
6. Unmount the HD partitions
7. Reboot from HD.
which version of RedHat linux do you have on your computer? Retrieving the passwd is easy what you need to do is boot the system in to the single user mode and then type the command passwd.
Once you do that the system will ask you to enter the new passwd and the new passwd will come in to immediate effect.

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