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Full Version: Installing Suse9.3 Live Dvd
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I have just built my own computer and am looking for an OS. Currently I am playing with the Trial version of WIndows Xp x64 and the Suse 9.3 Live, I would prefer to go the linux way as this is far cheaper and takes away the monopoly the Microsoft has.

However, in my testing I have found Linux to be not as user friendly (read, different therefore I don't understand it) Windows. For instance, I cannot get the sound card to work, I have absolutely no idea how to get the wireless network running etc. I do not understand the settings in the hardware setup at all.

In Windows it was easy, I could just install the software of the wireless card and it would automatically find the network. Not so in Suse 9.3. I know this sounds like a complaint against Suse but it is not intended that way. It is just that I am getting frustrated with the installation.

Can somebody lt me know if the hardware problems are linked to the Live CD or if it will persist if I install Suse 9.3 on the hard drive?
Also, is it possible to run the programs one receives with new hardware under linux (e.g. setup and diagnotic tools designed for Windows)?

Please help a Linux newbie get away from Uncle Bill
You do know from a live CD boot , the computer "forgets" everything when you reboot, or have a power failure? So you lose every "setting"... if can make any setting changes since its all HARDWARE > the CD/DVD is not writeable.

The newer your hardware, the harder it is for linux to identify it and have the right program to install and operate it.

If sound is important to you, I suggest using and older sound card, that will probably be on the CD/DVD.
Windows programs only run on Windows, just like Windows programs wont run on MacOS (at least not natively), they wont run on Linux. Thgis isnt normally an issue though, since there are numerous alternatives to most Windows programs available.

What model is your sound card? You may need to install some extra drivers, but that genreally isnt possible (or at elast very tedious) using a LiveCD. There are normally more packages provided with a full installation anyway. Failing that, you could try another distribution. I have found Mandrake/Mandriva to have very good hardware support recently, (although that might be partly due to my hardweare getting older as opposed to Mandrake getting better).

Configuration programs vary pretty wildly between distributions, from the virtually non-existent (on a basic Gentoo installation) to pretty easy on distributions like Mandrake (and increasingly Fedora [although Fedora still has some pretty large areas uncovered]).

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