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Full Version: Help Me Please 5 Simple Questions
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Hi I want to install Linux

I have to get my computer to boot and run Linux. I have never worked with Linux before.

I have run the live (boot) CD Knoppix, it was great to show me how similar the GUI is to windows.

Now my first problem is the installation.
"How to partition a drive for linux"

is great but its missing details.

(Hard disk is empty)
Do I use DOS Fdisk to partition my drive? or do I use lilo (?) or some other Linux partion manager.

Can Linux "see" fat16 and fat 32, but it (the kernel, programs) can't run on it?

I do this from a (linux)boot floppy? or from a (linux)bootable CD (how, what program and command)

after partitioning I format it into what kind ? etx2 or etx3 or something else?

is etx2 and etx3 the same?

Thanks for your help
Some of your questions are distribution dependent. Most linux distributions that you install from CD like Fedora and Mandriva are pretty much automatic? Are you going to install Knoppix to the hard drive or another linux distribution? If you want to install knoppix here is a link:

There are several linux tools for creating partitions but you can not use the DOS fdisk utility. There is a linux fdisk utility which is similar to the DOS version. There is also cfdisk which is a more graphichal tool.

linux can see i.e. read/write from a FAT32 or FAT16 partition. linux is should be installed to a native filesystem. linux uses permissions which a FAT filesystem does not have.

The major difference between ext2 and ext3 is that ext3 is a journaling filesystem. Basicaly journaling results in a reduced time spent recovering a filesystem after a crash.
Q"Are you going to install Knoppix to the hard drive or another linux distribution?"

I just want any type of linux to work.Thank you for the link to the knoppix install.
I will try Knoppix first as it just one CD.

I also have red hat 8.2 on 6 CD's but wasn't looking forwards to the possible hassles with 6 CD's.

Thanks for answering my questions about partitioning
(don't use DOS Fdisk and don't use fat16 or fat32)

So after I have some form of linux working I then have to get it to "see" and work with my modem.
Then get my ISP configured correctly, then I am free from WINDOWS!

Firefox (the browser) is very popular and there is the linux version of it which I will use.

New users of firefox "Downloads: 3,529,251" > windows ver.
downloads 65,281,426

If these same new Firefox users switch to linux will this be good or bad?
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