Hi -

I've recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 510m notebook and was attempting to create a dual linux windows boot. Okay so I used FDISK to create the required new partitions,

hda1 NTFS
hda2 linux boot
hda3 linux swap
hda4 extended
hda5 FAT32
hda6 linux

Then I attempted to reinstall XP on hda1. In the installation I opted for a new installation rather than the original one supplied with the notebook, formattted hda1 (c: ) and waited for my Windows to install.

After bout 5 mins the install aborted claiming some dlls are missing. So I abort the install and figure my installation CD is somehow corrupted.

Right, so I figure I'll work on the linux installation first and mabye come back to Windlws later. Now it gets pretty sick ...

I seem to have lost the ability to boot from CD no matter what the boot preferences are in the BIOS and I get this charming error message

"NTLDR not found"

I've been goolging it for the last hour or so and apparently its something to do with a corrupted windows installation which would make sense but I've no idea how to fix it as
I can't boot any other media. When I remove the HD altogether from the bios the system claims there are no bootable devices.

Can anyone help me with whats going on? and more inportantly how to fix it !!!

Btw my system doesn't have a floppy drive but I can get one if need be

Thanks in advance