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When loading Mandrakelinux 10.1 X86-64, the program skips passed the Root password and Add a user. The end result is that the program is asking me for a password but has not given me the opportunity to enter one.
I am a first time user, so I guess I am making a mistake somewhere, but where?
I still have the "Power Pack +" to load.
Both are full commercial versions purchased through the Mandriva Store France.

19th June: A few more details, and sorry for the fault duplication report.

The following was the load proceedure:

Boot from DVD 10.1 X86-64
Select Enter to start OK
Select Language OK
Accept License OK
Install mode OK
US keyboard OK
Sercurity Admin code OK

Partioned 88Gig of one Hard drive OK
Custom partion OK
1Gig as EXT2 Mount point OK
44Gig as EXT2 usr OK
43 Gig as EXT2 home ok

The system now indicatates, Post installation configuration
and reboots itself and starts at the beginnig again:

Select Enter to start
Select lanuage
Agree to License
Instead of install, I now select upgrade because if I don't I will have to go through the entire proceedure.

Looking at the display screen I noticed that the Root password and the Add user has been passed.

Enter product key code OK

Product key code and personal details being displayed on the screen dissapears and a white square where this information was is all that is left, nothing happens at this stage.

I reboot only to find that the program wants me to enter my password. What password? The program has not advised me to enter a password.

23rd June 2005.

I have successfully loaded the Mandrakelinux PowerPack + operating system.
The DVD media loaded with out any of the problems that I had with the Mandrakelinux X86-64.

While the PowerPack + was loading, I noticed that when it came to the part of Driver installation for the detected SATA, NForce, etc, this took around seven minutes, whereas the Mandrake X86-64 DVD media took one second.
This seems very strange.
I feel that I could possibly have faulty media, but not really sure because the media is new, supplied by the Mandrake Store.

I am still looking for any feedback on this subject.

Gigabyte K8NSNXP-939. FX53. 1Gig OCZ Platinum DDR433EB PC3500. 4 x 200Gig SATA. 1 x 200Gig PATA. BFG6800 Ultra. Creative SB Audigy 2ZS Plat Pro. 1 x 750MB ZIP drive. 1 x ASUS DRW-1604P Dual Layer Dual format. 1 x BTC CDRWDVDRW + - Dual format.
Twin Antec True 550. LianLi PCV2100. ViewSonic VP201B. Dynalink RTA770 ADSL Router.
I successfully loaded the Mandrakelinux X86-64.

I used one of my hard-drives for Linux only, and left the other three with the data that they hold.

Just to prove a point to my self, I disconnected the Linux drive form the system. I then tried to load the X86-64 onto one of the other drives formatting the space required with Ext2 and or Ext3. And wouldn’t you know it, the original problem still persisted.
No matter, I now have a working product.
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