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Full Version: Newbie.. Help (apache, Ssh)
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We all hate to be newbies.. but we all like to get help.. I'm trying to get Apache running in my folder /home/dc2000/www/ and also trying to get SSH going so I can login to /home/dc2000/ and get everything working (edit sites, ircd files, etc)..

Any help would be appreciated.

By the way im on Redhat Linux 8.0!
Is this just a general qn, or do you have specific issues? To start with, look on the CDs for the following filenames:
and similar.... for ssh.
and similar for apache.
to install, use the cmd
rpm -ivh <filename>.i386.rpm
and read the man pages and /usr/share/doc pages. See also (The Linux Doc Proj) for HOWTOs.

But im running a graphical(KDE/GNome) interface.. Im totally new to Redhat Linux, and im totally lost.. If you can, and willing to, can you describe what I have to do step, by step? That way I can follow it and then get everything going. I tried getting Apache working, but its in the /var/ folder, tried configuring it but it didn't work. And with SSH, I'm totally lost there.. I found a folder with some SSH_CONFIG and SSHD_CONFIG files and some other ones but I just got lost.

Another problem, my friend told me about ifconfig -a, I tried that and I saw my mac addy, shouldn't that be registered to my host? Because I got a Xbox running with XboxLive, and my ISP(Telus) only allows 2 mac addy's to be registered in their database. I can't really delete it. So my friend also said I need to register the mac and such.. Im lost, any and all help would be totally appreicated. I can only IRC and WWW on this damn thing, WWW meaning browsing and IRC meaning XiRC.. heh.. well thanks

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