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Hi i am new (ish) to linux i can sucesessfully install red hat 7.1 and use it like most windows end users
but i have installed the latest distro on a amd duron 1.3 gig with 256 meg of ram and a 20 gig harddrive,
dual booting with windows xp sp2 using lilo. the problem i have is getting the sytem to let me boot into kde or any other desktop environment. it keeps booting into text mode where i have no idea what to do.
my distro is mandriva 2005 using kde. but it just comes up with: localhostlogin# and after logging in i use the few commands i know and get nowehere can u help? i have had this problem with red 7.1 but i just installed over the top to fix it but i cant do that this time . mad.gif
What type of graphics card is installed in this PC?
I assume xwindows was selected when you installed Mandriva?
At the command prompt type the following:
startx (Press the enter key)

Post any errors. If it works then you can use the control center to have x start at boot.
Once you've booted up and are in text mode type in

less /etc/inittab

You should see some line that looks like this:


near the top, if it says 3, try changing to 5 (5 is X11 mode, the GUI), you'll need to open /etc/inittab with an editor, not less to make this change. You'll also have to be root. HTH.

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