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Full Version: Rh9 Localhost Access
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I have a working install of RH9 and have been running Apache Xampp and other server apps, Webmin, etc. I had Verison DSL as my DSL isp and everything worked fine.

I recently switched to Earthlink DSL. Everything works fine, EXCEPT that I Now CAN not access any of my server apps., Apache Xampp, etc. I get a "localhost not found" message.

Even the setup address for the earthlink modem is not reachable -

I can not firgure out any reason, everything else is the same ? Earthlink does not support Linux so I can not get assistance from them.

Can anyone Help ?

Curtis Seyfried
Just add the line " localhost" to /etc/hosts (without the quotes). If it's already there, of if it still doesnt work, then maybe something else is wrong, but that should do the trick.

Thank you for your advice. This line was already there. I deleted it and re-entered it and saved the file. This changed nothing. I even went into hosts.allow and added the same line, no change.

When I try to lets say access Webmin http://localhost:10000/ I get a "resolving localhost" in the status bar at the bottom of my browser, then a "connwcting to localhost," but nothing else and it just hangs there.

The same thing if I try to access Apache Xampp, http://localhost:8080
Can you ping and localhost?
Are you sure all of the servers are still running?
Does ifconfig show a valid lo and IP address?
pinging works fine.

pinging localhost gives no results

ifconfig shows eth0 and ppp0 exist with a bunch of stats for each.
Can you conect to or ?
No, I tried that after seeing that it could be pinged. This is very strange, I have never had this happen. It all started when I configured EarthLink DSL, everything else works fine.

The only changes were the switch from Verizon to Earthlink, which is when this started, then I switched modems, with no changes. I can't see how a different DSL ISP could affect my localhost.
Try running "netstat -ltp" to see whether the services are actually running, and which interfaces they are running on.

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