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Full Version: Fedora Core 3 Or Debian
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I can not just decide wether I want to go with Fedora Core 3 Or Debian sarge.
What is the real difference and which one should I choose?
What sort of tihngs are you thinking of doing, and which (if any) distributionjs ahve you used before. FC is most similar to RedHat and Mandrake, and uses RPM for software management. If you hold on for a bit, Fedora Core 4 will be out, which should save you some time updating all the FC3 packages. I've never really used Debian (but I hhave used Deian-based ditros like Ubuntu a bit) but from the experience I have had I would say that Fedora probably has a slight edge in terms of ease of use. I might be wrong though.

Both of them have pretty big user bases, so there should be quite a lot of support for whichever one you decide on. You could of course install both, providing you have enough disk space. If you make /home a seperate parititon you would get the same documents/desktop/user settings on each, and you might be able to either symlink or synchronise the password/user/group files so that both system have the same users.

I would choose Debian, but that is because i'm an avid debian user, and have long been a big fan. But, i admit, i haven't tried Fedora.
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