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Full Version: New And Need Assistance W/ Rh9 Webserver
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Hi everyone, I am an avid supporter of the open source community and figured its about time to close the window(s) and get rolling with LAMP. My first task is to get a webserver up and running to test my development projects. So I have installed RH9 webserver, which was easy, almost too easy! but now what? I ve googled linux help to try and figure out what I need to do, but either I am not asking the right question or I m not doing something right.

I have only a command line UI, which is fine, but I cant even figure out how to find out what my ip address is on the machine [ ip | addr ] <-- nothing happens, not right, duh!

My biggest challenge is trying to find a real tutorial for soon to be ex-windows users trying to manage servers on the linux side. Obviously some patience is going to be required to make this change and I am very excited and willing to commit to this new world, but I need help!


The "ifconfig" command should give you all the network interfact information, but you will probably need to set it up first. Even if your network uses DHCP, servers are of little use unless you know where to find them.

I always reccomend isntall "webmin", especially if you dont have a GUI. It's a web-based control panel which can be used to configure virtually everything, including Apache, MySQL and PHP. You can get a copy from (or by finding an RPM for RedHat 9. If you do dwonload and rpm, just use rpm -i path/to/rpm.rpm to install it). To use it, just run "webmin" (or reboot the server) and then point a web browser at https://ip.of.the.server:10000

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