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I've downloaded and installed the latest mandriva linux and updated all my installed packages. I have several servers up and running (apache, sendmail, telnet, etc.) on this box. My problem is, I can only access these servers from the server itself, not from any other computer on the network. (of course the goal is to access the more secure servers from the WAN, but for now i would be satisfied with LAN access).

Here is some information that might be useful.
My linux box ip is
My testing host is WIN XP at IP
Gateway/Router :

all subnet masks are /24

i can ping each computer from the other, i can telnet localhost on the linux box (as well as access the default apache web site), but I can't telnet from the XP box to the linux box, and nothing appears in a web browser on the XP box at address
this is a serverless network (P2P only), I'm using IP addresses, not host names in my queries.
I may be able to help
I'm a 4th year Cisco CCNA tech student.
Okay well u said u have a router, is it accually a router or more of a hud / switch
With telnet, you probably need to edit the config file (usually in /etc/xinet.d) to allow more than just localhost to access it. You will ahve to do something sinilar with Apache/Sendmail. If you dont already have it, install webmin from since it makes it really easy to configure all those servers, and a lot more.

Also, make sure you aren't running any firewalls (you can always add one later if necessary). ("iptables" is a firewall [or can at least act as one] - I know some distros turn it on by default).

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