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Full Version: Help, Can't See Anything!
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Hi!-- this is my problem:
I used to run an Elx distribution until yesterday when i decided i was going to install Lycoris.
When i Elx for the last time i noticed that after all the "starting things" (sorry i don't know how to call this.. is when its says, starting.... , checking.... ,etc) ended my screen turned black and i couldn't see anything..
i did't bother trying to solve that 'cause i knew i was going to install Lycoris on that partition.
But when i istalled Lycoris the same thing hapenned!!!.. i said to myself.. well Lycoris may have some bugs, i don't know..
so i instaLLEd Redhat 8.0 ... and guess what..
the same thing happened!!!!!
soo please people... i need help.

ohh.. my monitor is a Philips 150 s (in case that's important)
This has happened to my monitor several times. For example, I have a nvidia geforce2 card, and a shitty monitor. Whenever I install a new linux distro that pre-installs X, it uses the default "nv" drivers, at which my monitor chokes on. Whenever the distro goes to start X, the screen shuts off, and I don't see anything. In order for me to fix it, I have to try to get back to console (With Ctrl-Alt-F1 or Ctrl-C or something). And download the latest accelerated drivers from NVidia and use them. Then everything is fine. Maybe you are having a similar problem.

And yes, everything did work find at one point.
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