okay, So i recently upgraded myself form Red Hat 8 to RH 9.

simple enough, but when I installed it, I forgot to read what I was doing, and (I guess) it changed the Cylinders on my HDD from 1024 to 1559. now, I wanted to re-install windows on my /dev/hda/hda2 partition, but of course, windows cant install with more then 1024 cylinders.

so i went into Fdisk, and i went into expert options and chose "c" for change cylinders, and did 1024, then did "w" for write to table, rebooted, and nothing was changed; so I resorted to grub, hit "C" for command line, and realized I can do a geometry option. All i know about it is it's a simple form of BASH - of course I know no BASH.

can anyone help me change my cylinders back in grub?

any help greatly apreaciated