Ok, I am relatively new to Linux. I found Knoppix and installed it to the HD (i guess its now kanotix). I didn't like alot of othert linuxes because they were too much work to get some of my stuff running on(kubuntus hard trying putting wireless networking and ntfs mount on boot on.) So I got on the internet to dl some apps after installing kanotix. Some of the apps I need come in .rpm form and kpackage tells me I need to install alien..after looking for alien, I think its already installed but i cant find the program. It gives me this errors like this when I try to install tar.gzs
<ownloads/ABC-Linux-V.2.4.3-alpha.tar.gz ;echo RESULT=$?
sh: installpkg: command not found

All help/comments are appreciated.


edit: just looked at it. the tar.gz packages are slack..and of course kanotix is debian. What do I need and how do change to them to debian usable?