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Full Version: That Hateful Cddrive
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Hi everybody, I am a Linux user from 2 months, but I am really really desperate!
In fact I have a problem with my cd-dvd drive. The problem is that if I write a cd iso with the drive, I am not able to use that cd with Linux! I tried to burn it with Windows and Nero, and then with Linux, but both the cds I got don't work with Linux and are perfect with Windows!
I discovered this while I first tried to install RedHat Linux with the cdroms I created with the images downloaded from RedHat Network. Even during the installation only the first cd didn't give me problems, but everytime I needed to change it in order to go on with installation, the cdreader did always the same: while it tries to read the cd I hear sounds like "woooooom", as it reads the cd at the maximum speed, and then I hear a big "toc", as it stops reading, and then a message "no media in the drive" appears.
I had the same problem while I tried to install the Mandriva LE distro with the 3 cds I burned in Windows.
But the strange thing is that all the cds are perfectly readable with Windows XP! So I cannot think that the drive is damaged, but there must be something to configure in Linux, even during the installation.
But what is it?! I tried to disable DMA but nothing changes.... so now I really do not know what to do.
I have to say that I can use anyother cd/dvd, that I haven't burnt by myself, with Linux.
My PC is a Dell laptop Inspiron 8600c, with a NEC Cd, DVD+RW.
I really hope that somebody can finally help me.
Thank You All very much!

Roberto, Italy
Just to check, you arent just burning the ISO to the CD are you? You need to use the "burn image" function of the burning program. ie there should be more than one file on the CD.
Yes, I used burn cd Image on Nero. I know how to burn an iso image!!!!
I did not write it in the message, because I thought it was obvious....
Thanks, Roberto
Sorry, but that comes up quite a lot.

I'm not sure what could be causing it - Since detectying and reading a CD shouldnt require much effort by the OS - The CD Drive should handle it.

It could be you burnt the CD at too high a speed.
Sure you can burn at 45X, but can you read it afterwards? try like 4X or 8X speed burn of the iso
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