So, thinking to revitalize my old 440BX dualie based machine (which only had support for DMA-33), I bought a couple of tualatin converter cards, a couple of 1.4GHz tualatin p-3s, a (and herein lies the problem...) Sil680 (Silicon Image, CMD680 based) PCI ATA-133 controller for a bigger, faster HDD. Now, this setup works great in every circumstance except when I try to install Debian sad.gif. I would prefer to use Debian; however, during the install process it tells me that it didn't detect a HDD at all, and would I like to install a driver for a PCI IDE controller? Now, I think to myself, "Okay, time to head on over to Silicon Image's site, and see about that driver module..." which is when I discover that their instructions tell me that in kernels later than 2.4, support is native, and earlier than that will require a kernel patch. Which they then link to. Okay, that's great, but I can't even get a system installed, so I can't patch the kernel. I have a chicken and egg scenario. Anyone know a way out of this? And I mean other than using another distro. I have installed other distros with no problems (Mandrake 9.0, Mandrake 9.1rc1, Redhat 8.0, Suse 8.1), but would prefer debian. Thanks for your time!