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how can i mount my ntfs partiton in windows to linux
Need to know what distribution and version of linux you are running.
First off, this has to be supported by your kernel, some distributions don't ship with this ability by default (ie. Fedora).

First, create a target mount point, this is where you will access the partition, i like using /mnt/winnt . Also, you must be logged in as root (or sudo) in order to complete this :

mkdir /mnt/winnt

Now, if you want users to have access to the drive, you need to add them to a specific group and give the group ownership. Remember though, one limitation with the NTFS filesystem is that you CANNOT write to it from Linux, only read. There are ways to write to NTFS but they currently aren't safe.

Okay, so when you decide what user/group have should haev ownership, you must determine which partition is your windows partition. This can usually be found with the following:

fdisk -l

That is a small L not I. When your disk information appears, one line should have NTFS on it, (should be something like /dev/hda1)

Now we mount the drive:

mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/winnt -o uid=username,gid=groupname

The "-o uid=username,gid=groupname" is optional if you only care about accessing it with root.

Good luck.
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